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Architectural Cladding >> VM Zinc

VMZinc for Roofing and Cladding

VM Zinc provides the freedom to create an architectural masterpiece which is difficult to realise with the use of traditional construction materials. The flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with it’s elegance make it the perfect material for innovative building projects.

More importantly, it also provides the level of confidence from an award winning material that will perform today and for years to come. Zinc is a high performance, low maintenance material. It does not have a coating or varnish that wears out over time. In fact, zinc continues to develop a protective layer (patina) throughout its life and will self-repair imperfections or scratches.

For more information or advice on VM Zinc Cladding to suit your specific needs contact us.

VM Zinc Natural

Natural or “mill finish” zinc has a shiny metallic surface similar in appearance to aluminium. The natural patina modifies the shiny finish to a natural, light grey textured finish. The light grey patina takes between 6 months to 24 months to form, depending on the atmosphere and climate. Natural Zinc has a luminous nature, and its nuances change constantly.

VM Zinc Quartz

QUARTZ-ZINC or “Pre-weathered Zinc” offers an appearance and texture close to the natural patina developed over time by the Natural zinc. Quartz Zinc is highlighted by its earthy graphite appearance. Commonly used because of its ability seamlessly blend with other materials and finishes.

VM Zinc Anthra

ANTHRA-ZINC is renowned for its most beautiful natural aspect, its striking matt black velvety texture. Similar to that of charcoal or slate ANTHRA-ZINC is highlighted by a fine visible grain and blends harmoniously with all other natural materials including concrete, stone, glass and wood.


Zinc is known for its elegant shade of grey. But just imagine what a subtle shade of red, green or blue can contribute to your creation.

The PIGMENTO® range is a new cutting-edge colour palette that is sure to inspire creativity.

From the stunning warm earthy tones of Autumn Red®, the natural leafy calming Lichen Green®, to the peaceful flowing feel of the Ash Blue®, and contemporary yet timeless PIGMENTO® Brown that completes the range.

VMZINC PIGMENTO® is constantly changing with the light, the natural surrounding textures providing an ambience to reflect an organic and mineral lifestyle.

Pigmento Brown

Pigmento Blue

Pigmento Red

Pigmento Green

Metal wall cladding made from COLORBOND® steel delivers a beautiful design option for an exterior façade or as an internal feature walling to match any mood or environment. The extensive array of attractive colours and variety of systems coupled with the ability to curve and shape COLORBOND® Metal Cladding add an abundance of design freedom. It also delivers a lot of practical benefits. It is easy to maintain, long lasting, extremely durable, lightweight and it's fast and easy to erect - reducing construction time and keeping labour costs to a minimum. COLORBOND® steel comes in over 28 different colors encompassing 5 standard ranges to suit a range of locations, environments and building applications. Standard COLORBOND® steel will suit most environments and building applications.