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Architectural Cladding >> Interlocking Panel


Diversaclad is the brand name for a contemporary wall cladding system, designed to be used both internally and externally. With a system of interlocking panels, the product is lightweight and can be laid diagonally vertically or horizontally, providing architects and designers a multitude of design possibilities. Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, this system does not require a support decking; it can be laid directly onto a secondary sub-structure in the form of top hat battens or timber studs to form a cross section of rails. These rails run in the opposite direction to the facade at 600mm centres. The finished product is visually striking and is often used as a second storey facade for its minimalistic appearance, aesthetic appeal and low maintenance requirements. With the incorporation of a styrofoam backing option which enhances the embodiment of each panel, it is also ideally suited for single storey applications, high volume traffic areas and interior design.

Simple Interlocking System

The Diversaclad system uses the tongue and groove principal enabling quick and easy installation with concealed fixing. The interlocking joint allows both panels to be joined strongly together to make a continuous flush surface. A particular advantage is the ability to customise the panel cover. Panel widths can vary from 200mm – 300mm and the reveal / express joint can also range from 5mm-30mm. There is also the choice to taper panels which offers a uniquely elegant appearance.

VM Zinc Interlocking Panel

The combination of VM ZINC and the interlocking panel system rewards inspired architecture with its response to light, providing a harmonious relationship between other building materials and finishes. With so many possibilities it is an ideal choice for both traditional and contempory design. VM Zinc is synonymous with the well known elegant shades of grey but now has a cutting edge colour palette with PIGMENTO® providing stunning textures. With the ability to transition this product from outside to indoors, VM Zinc is perfect for dressing interior walls, bulkheads or ceilings, adding a uniquely inviting atmosphere and enhancing our way of living.

For more information or advice on unique applications of Diversaclad to suit your specific needs contact us.

Metal wall cladding made from COLORBOND® steel delivers a beautiful design option for an exterior façade or as an internal feature walling to match any mood or environment. The extensive array of attractive colours and variety of systems coupled with the ability to curve and shape COLORBOND® Metal Cladding add an abundance of design freedom. It also delivers a lot of practical benefits. It is easy to maintain, long lasting, extremely durable, lightweight and it's fast and easy to erect - reducing construction time and keeping labour costs to a minimum. COLORBOND® steel comes in over 28 different colors encompassing 5 standard ranges to suit a range of locations, environments and building applications. Standard COLORBOND® steel will suit most environments and building applications.